Best toe hang putters: 5 putters for great arc stroke

Toe hang putters are prized by many top golfers because they are great for hitting arc stroke putts. While face balanced putters have become popular for straight-back straight-forward putting strokes, championship players such as Tiger Woods still hit with a slight arc stroke, and actually prefer a quality toe hang putter. While there are many great toe hang putters out there, our choice for the best toe hang putter is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.

To save you time, our team of golf experts reviewed dozens of the best putters out there. Furthermore, we applied a rigorous criteria to specifically select the best toe hang putters. The final 5 putters were then reviewed in head to head matchups to determine the ranking of the 5 best toe hang putters.

The right putter can change your short game from a hassle to a complete breeze. Our top choices have the right balance of power, control, comfort, and ease of use. Learning to golf can be challenging enough, let our experts help you pick the best milled putter for your game.

TLDR: Our top choice is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2, for its surprising combination of power and control, as well as an ease of use and grip that makes it a joy to use.

Short on time? Here are the best toe hang putters out right now:

  1. Best Overall Toe Hang Putter – Scotty Cameron Newport 2
  2. Best Toe Hang Mallet Putter – Taylormade Spider X
  3. Best Craftsmanship for Toe Hang Putter – Mizuno M Craft II
  4. Best Value Toe Hang Putter – Ping Anser
  5. Best Hybrid Toe Hang Putter – Scotty Cameron Squareback 2

Best Toe Hang Putter – Full Analysis

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Best Overall Toe Hang Putter


Titleist is a brand of high end golf equipment well known for it’s quality and performance, and their line of Scotty Cameron putters is no exception. The Scotty Cameron model is famous for being used by Tiger Woods on the pga tour, as well as many other pros in numerous competitive golf tournaments.

The Select Newport line of Scotty Cameron putters are traditional Anser blade putters. This classic style of blade putter has a good feel and great feedback when playing golf. In fact, Scotty Cameron claims that this style of putter has “the most famous putter head shape in the world, with scores of professional titles won”.

Although they have the classic shape of an Anser design, these Scotty Cameron putters are made with great attention to detail. These putters have a club face precision milled from 303 steel. The club head is expertly weighted for optimal feel, swing weight and stability. Even the neck shaft has been optimized for better visibility and alignment.

In our testing, we felt that the club performed like any high end milled putter should. These putters do great with arc style swings, but are a bit traditional compared to more modern mallet and high MOI putter styles. However, anyone ready to spend $400 on a putter probably already knows their preferences.

Ultimately, this is a great blade putter that will work just as well on a local golf course as it will in a professional golf tournament.

The Newport 2 has moderate toe hang for a medium arc stroke.

Pros – why we like it

  • Beautiful design and styling. These putters look good on the golf course and feel great to hit with.
  • High quality materials and craftsmanship make for a great club that will hold up for a very long time.
  • Expertly face balanced club head for a solid, consistent shot and great speed control.
  • Players who love a traditional anser style design will appreciate this club.
  • The clubhead’s moderate toe flow is great for players who hit an arc shot.
  • The club has a fairly large sweet spot for a blade putter.

Cons – drawbacks to consider

  • Very expensive for budget conscious consumers, one of the most expensive brands out there. Scotty Cameron putters start at $400.
  • For beginners the blade style can be tougher to learn. We would recommend a mallet style putter or a high MOI putter for these players.

Taylormade Spider X Hydro Blast

Best Mallet Toe Hang Putter


Over the past few years, TaylorMade made has become one of the biggest brands in putters. A big reason for this is its flagship putter, the Spider GT series. These large and forgiving mallet putters are showing up in the bags of many golf pros, such as Dustin Johnson and Jason Day. The Spider GT is not only a great mallet putter, but a top recommendation for any golfer out there.

Spider X comes in both a face balanced and a toe hang model, so make sure to get the Hydro Blast if you want the toe hang version.

The TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast has 21 degree toe hang, which is considered moderate.

Pros – why we like it

  • This putter’s stability and consistency are unmatched. Its lightweight aluminum and steel construction allows you to strike a putt from any angle with almost no pushback.
  • The Pure Roll face insert uses aluminum beams set at a 45 degree angle, significantly improving top spin. This gives your balls a consistent roll, keeping your putts on their target line.
  • The lightweight aluminum and steel build means that the putter feels comfortable and light in your hand.
  • The Spider GT boasts a streamlined, compact style. It combines the performance of a modern putter with a more traditional look.
  • The spider GT maintains its sleek look with a simple and unobtrusive alignment.
  • With the adjustable hosel configuration, you can hit an arc putting stroke or straight through shot. Just adjust the hosel to fit your game play style.

Cons – drawbacks to consider

  • Some players may prefer a smaller putter such as a mid-mallet or blade putter.

Mizuno M Craft II

Best Craftsmanship for Toe Hang Putter


Mizuno is a Japanese golf club company with a strong reputation for quality and craftsmanship. While they’re best known for their forged golf irons, their M-craft putter line shows that they can make impressive putters as well.

Mizuno is famous for their superior craftsmanship. They forge their golf clubs from 1025 mild carbon steel, and then CNC mill them by hand to shape them. This ensures precision and consistency in their construction, and a finish that provides great performance. The result is a club that allows you to strike your ball with soft feel and great topspin for a consistent roll.

This club performed admirably during our testing for feel and playability, and we believe it represents a great value as well. It is almost comparable to our top choice the Newport 2, but a full $100 less expensive.

Pros – why we like it

  • The Mizuno uses soft carbon steel, which gives the club a soft touch that many players will like
  • Great feedback and sound on hit
  • Adjustable weight kit available for players to customize their club
  • Fully forged with great craftsmanship
  • Comes in silver, blue, or black

Cons – drawbacks to consider

  • Some players may want a firmer feel to their club
  • Some players may want a higher MOI club such as a mallet putter

Ping Anser

Best Value for Toe Hang Putter


Ping introduced their classic Anser golf club all the way back in 1966. Originally designed by Karsten Solheim, this putter design would become the standard blade putter shape, influencing every single putter that would come after it.

While the Answer putter still maintains its classic shape, it has been modernized using the latest materials, technology, and build. This milled putter is built out of 304 stainless steel for a softer feel, and is weighted with tungsten toe-heel weights for added stability and forgiveness.

The 3 degree loft and shallow milling pattern gives the club a very firm feel on hit, and gives the club excellent feedback on hitting center strikes on the golf ball. The extra weighting gives the club a great balance when hitting with an arc putting stroke.

The club looks great as well, with a nice silver and black pattern that really makes the alignment stand out. The black graphite shaft looks and feels great as well.

The Ping Anser comes in two versions, one with medium toe hang for a slight arc stroke, and one with more extreme toe hang for an exaggerated arc stroke.

Pros – why we like it

  • The firm feel will appeal to many golf players
  • The classic Anser design and modern golf materials provide great feel and feedback
  • Less expensive than some high end putters
  • Great feedback and sound on hit due to the shallow milled putter face
  • The offset design and silver/black color pattern help with aligning the golf ball

Cons – drawbacks to consider

  • Some players may prefer a softer feel for their putter
  • Some beginners might prefer a higher MOI putter such as a mallet
  • While a good value, budget conscious consumers pay prefer something cheaper

Scotty Cameron Squareback 2

Best Hybrid Toe Hang Putter


The Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 putter may be one of the lesser known putters in the Titleist lineup. However, for the right player, it might be the perfect fit.

Fans of the Newport line of putters will already be familiar with many of the great features that the Squareback has to offer. For example, the precision mid milled face has a very soft feel and great touch, especially for a mid mallet putter. The squareback 2 is now fully milled from 303 stainless steel, giving the putter head great feedback and consistency.

This putter is unique, as keeps the same weight distribution and toe flow as the Newport line, making it surprisingly quick with a slight arc to the swing. At the same time, it boasts an enlarged sweet spot, and its clubhead generates slightly more momentum from the swing.

As far as looks go, the club head is wide-bodied without looking cumbersome. The extended alignment is a nice touch, useful but not distracting. Small features such as the refined neck and specialty grip add up for a nice visual impression. Finally, the club manages to keep the sleek look of the original Newport line.

Finally, the club has several customizable features. First, the club head is weighted with stainless steel sole weights, and can be swapped out for heavier tungsten weights as needed. Like other Scotty Cameron putters, it can also be taken into Scotty’s custom shop to change items such as the grip and shaft band.

The Squareback 2 has moderate toe hang for a slight arc stroke.

Pros – why we like it

  • This club plays similar to the Newport 2, but with a larger sweet spot
  • Fully milled construction gives the club a premium feel with great feedback
  • The high end stainless steel finish looks great
  • This club’s swing has greater momentum consistent a mid-mallet putter
  • One of the few milled hybrid putters out there

Cons – drawbacks to consider

  • Players expecting the feel of a full mallet putter will be disappointed
  • Players who want a face balanced mallet should look elsewhere
  • Scotty Cameron prices tend to be at the higher end

Top toe hang putters – A quick comparison table

Golf ClubLowest PriceClub TypeBiggest Pro
Newport 2$399Milled BladeBest all around
Spider X Hydroblast$250Mallet PutterHigh MOI
Mizuno M Craft II$299Blade PutterVery forgiving
Ping Anser$279Milled HybridGreat Value
Squareback 2$399Hybrid PutterNice hybrid

How to choose the best putter for you

While we can bring our research and our favorite picks to you, ultimately you’re the one that needs to decide what putter suits you best. The truth is that there are many good putters out there. Ultimately, you have to make your own decision based on your own personal needs and preferences.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on your putter:

Identify your play style

First, take an inventory of how you approach your putting tame. How exactly do you like to play your putts? Do you use a straight forward putt, or do you use an arc stroke? What is your level of experience with golfing? These are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself as you research your putter choices.

Decide what features are most important

Once you’ve considered how you play, next decide what features in a golf club would best compliment your play. Do you like an alignment system that can help you hit head-on? Do you want a soft feel or firm feel when you hit the ball? How much MOI do you want in a putter? Make sure you prioritize your favorite features first.

Determine your budget

Next, determine what budget constraints and preferences you have. Are you interested in investing in high end equipment, or would you like to save more money? Do you need a golf club that will need replacing in a couple of years, or do you want something that will serve you for a long time? We purposefully included a wide range of price points in our list, to ensure that everyone can select a quality putter.

Our selection criteria – how we select toe hang putters

When testing so many different putters, we needed a system to pick out the best of the best. To do this, our team of experts prioritized our most important criteria when selecting the right putter. Then we used this criteria to create a simple and clear system to use when selecting a new putter.

Our criteria for selecting toe hang putters are:

Weighting and toe hang

A correctly weighted putter should have just enough MOI that it hits through the ball comfortably, while feeling little to no pushback from the ball. However, the putter should never feel over-encumbered.

In our selection, we tend to favor putters with a mid-toe hang, which promotes a moderate arc stroke. We believe that most players who want toe hang will prefer the moderate arc stroke, while more extreme toe hang will be too much for most players.

Forgiveness when hitting the golf ball

Forgiving putters simply work better for most golfers. A forgiving golf club will hit well even for newer players, or for players having a off day. Mallet putters tend to be the most forgiving, due to their broad face and large “sweet spot” in the middle of the club head.

Forgiving clubs also tend to have a lot of topspin. A club that easily generates topspin will hit the ball true over longer distances and resist any imperfections in the putting green.

Ease of Use

One of the most important considerations for ease of use is a club’s alignment. Many golfers find it easier to hit the ball when their club has a good alignment system. A good alignment system can really help players to line up their shots and sink more putts.

Toe Hang vs Face Balanced putters

Types of putters - putter weighting

Putters can generally be grouped into two categories:

  • Toe balanced putters
  • Face balanced putters

These two groups are based on the weighting of the clubhead, which impacts how much arc the club’s swing will naturally have.

To determine what type of balance your putter has, rest the shaft of putter horizontally on your hand or a tabletop. If the face points up, your have a face balanced putter. If instead, the toe points down, you have a toe balanced putter.

Toe balanced putter

Toe balanced putters are heavily weighted towards the toe of the club. This weighting causes the club face to open slightly during the start of a swing and close towards the golf ball at the end of the swing. This design promotes an arc putting stroke.

It’s possible to have different degrees of toe weighting, meaning that some putters will only have a slight natural arc and some putters will have a much more pronounced arc to their swing.

Face balanced putter

Face balanced putters have a weight that’s evenly distributed through the face of the club. This means that these clubs will naturally have no arc, and will instead favor a straight back and straight forward putting stroke.

Face balanced putters are heavily favored by newer players, as the straight back and straight forward stroke is much easier to learn. See our list of best face balanced putters for our favorite face balanced putters.


Are toe hang putters better?

Toe hang putters are better for players that prefer an arc stroke. For a straight-forward straight-back stroke, try a face balanced putter.

How much toe hang should my putter have?

This depending on how extreme your arc stroke is. Players with moderate arc stroke should choose a moderate toe-hang putter. Players with a more extreme arc stroke should looks for putters with more toe hang.

Which Odyssey putters are toe hang?

The Odyssey white hot series is the most popular Odyssey putter with toe hang.

What toe hang is best for slight arc?

For a slight arc, you should keep your toe hang at moderate or less. In general, this should be about 20 degrees or less.

To summarize, these are our favorite toe hang putters

RankGolf ClubOur ScoreVisit Website
1Newport 29.9/10Check Price
2Spider X Hydroblast9.8/10Check Price
3Mizuno M Craft II9.8/10Check Price
4Ping Anser9.7/10Check Price
5Squareback 29.7/10Check Price

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