Mizuno M Craft vs Scotty Cameron: A Complete Comparison

Scotty Cameron is one of the best known golf club brands in the world. Their putters can be found in the bags of many pros, and were famously used by Tiger Woods to win several masters. Mizuno is a golf club brand known for its full forged clubs and superior craftsmanship. Their new line up of M Craft putters has received a lot of attention, and even some comparisons to Scotty Cameron. However, in a comparison of Mizuno M Craft vs Scotty Cameron which putter set comes out on top?

Mizuno M Craft vs Scotty Cameron – Comparison Results Summary

To compare the Scotty Cameron to the Mizuno M craft line, we selected one set of mallet putters and one set of blade putters.

Blade Putter Summary

To pick our favorite blade style putter, we chose to compare the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 with the Mizuno M Craft II. While Scotty Cameron is the better known putter, the Mizuno performed admirably in our comparison testing.

Overall, we would say that the Scotty Cameron held a slight edge over the Mizuno in terms of feel, looks, and performance. However, given that the Mizuno is $100 cheaper, we believe that the Mizuno may be a better value for many players.

Mallet Putter Summary

To pick our favorite mallet style putter, we chose to compare the Scotty Cameron Phantom X7.5 with the Mizuno M Craft VI.

For this comparison, we again felt like the Scotty Cameron edged out the Mizuno in terms of feel, playability, and forgiveness. However, the Mizuno did play well, and we also like the fully forged look and feel to this putter. At $120 less than the Scotty Cameron, this putter might be the good value for right player.

Blade Putters: Mizuno M Craft II vs Scotty Cameron Newport 2: Full comparison


These two putters have a lot in common. Both are fully milled from stainless steel and use a traditional answer style design. Each club also has a plumber’s neck with a full offset. They both successfully create a sleek modern look that they combine with their traditional blade putter design.

While we like the look of both putters, we feel that the Mizuno has a thicker and blockier head club head than the Scotty Cameron. Overall, we like the slightly rounded curves of the Newport 2 better.

However, the Mizuno has more customizability, as it comes in 3 colors: silver, black, and blue. The Newport 2 only comes in silver.


Overall, we prefer the feel of the Scotty Cameron to that of the Mizuno putter. Both putters are fully milled from stainless steel, which gives them a great feel with excellent feedback on hit. Furthermore, it’s immediately clear on hitting with either club when you strike that club’s sweet spot.

What gives the Scotty Cameron the edge is the 303 stainless steel material that it’s built from. This gives it a slightly firmer touch than the Mizuno, which uses 303 carbon steel for it’s material. Overall we prefer the firmer feel of the Newport 2. However, we acknowledge that some players may like the softer feel of the Mizuno.

The Mizuno and Scotty Cameron also have similar putter head weightings as well. Players that prefer a heavier weighted head should check out our Mizuno M Craft vs Omoi comparison, as the Mizuno Omoi is Mizuno’s heavy hitter putter line.


In our head to head Mizuno M Craft vs Scotty Cameron comparison, both of these putters performed admirably. In fact, their overall performance was quite similar.

This is due to the fact that they’re both fully milled answer blade putters with moderate toe hang. The similar toe hang gives them a small arc to their swing, great for players that hit the golf ball with a slight arc stroke. In fact, the great arc swing of these putters is why we include them in our list of best toe hang putters.

Furthermore, both clubs are fitted with adjustable weights and a weight kit that can be used to adjust the swing weight as necessary.

While these putters are both responsive, anser style clubs are not known for being the most forgiving putters out there. If you’re a player that often mishits the putter to the toe or heel, consider another option such as a mallet style putter.

Mallet Putters: Mizuno M Craft VI vs Scotty Cameron Phantom X7.5: Full comparison


The Mizuno VI is a great looking putter, and in our opinion, beats out the Scotty Cameron Phantom X7.5 in the looks department. All Mizuno putters are fully forged and 100% CNC milled, which makes is unique among mallet putters. It stands out with a sleek, modern look, and the fangs on it’s backend are especially well done. It comes in several attractive colors as well (silver, black, and blue).

The Phantom has a similar head shape as the Mizuno. It has a compact mallet design and backend fangs, but it’s assembled from separate parts. It looks good like any mallet putter of its caliber, but is less streamlined than the Mizuno.


Similar to the blade putters, we like the feel of the Scotty Cameron mallet a little better than we like the feel of the Mizuno mallet. This Mizuno has slightly better feedback due to the fact that it is fully forged and milled. In fact, it is our favorite milled mallet on our list of best milled putters. The Scotty Cameron mallet, by way of contract, uses an insert for the face.

What gives the Scotty Cameron putter the edge is its stainless steel insert. This insert feels a bit firmer than the Mizuno, which is made from Carbon steel instead. Of course, this is only a preference and some layers may actually like the softer feel of the Mizuno.


This is another category that the Scotty Cameron edges out the Mizuno. The Scotty Cameron is a high MOI, face balanced putter. It is not only responsive, but it’s one of the most forgiving brands out there when out hitting. The club imparts great topspin onto the ball, and the high MOI can handle any green speed on the golf course.

In our testing, the Mizuno hit almost as well as the Scotty Cameron. However, we felt that the mallet was somewhat less forgiving overall. Mallet putters are generally built with high forgiveness in mind when hitting the ball. Therefore, we recommend the X7.5 for its superior forgiveness.


If you’re looking for a new putter, both the Scotty Cameron and Mizuno putter are excellent choices. Based on our testing, we believe that the Scotty Cameron holds a slight edge in several categories. However, the Mizuno putter is nearly $100 cheaper and represents a great value for the right player.

Our selection criteria – what we look for in a putter


Higher quality putters will have a strong, weighted feel to their clubhead. They will hit through the ball without much resistance on impact.

Lower quality putters will tend to feel “thin” on impact with the ball, and have poor swing control.


High quality putters should give a consistent feel and stroke throughout the golf course.

Lower quality putters may change their feel depending on external factors such as terrain, balls used, and player style.


High quality putters are usually well designed with high quality accessories such as head covers. The craftsmanship is apparent in the materials used and attention to detail.

Lower quality putters will tend to have a more generic look with mediocre materials and less attention to detail.


Higher quality putters tend to have bigger “sweet spots”, and can hit the ball regardless of where on the club it’s struck.

Lower quality putters tend to be very sensitive where they’re struck on the face, with a higher chance of mishitting.


What is the number one putter on tour?

The number one putter on tour is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2. It has been used by scores of professional athletes such as Tiger Woods to win major titles.

Do Scotty Cameron’s make a difference?

Yes, Scotty Cameron is a high quality putter with great feel and feedback. A good putter can definitely help your putting results.

What putter does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter.

Is Scotty Cameron a good putter?

Yes, Scotty Cameron is a high quality putter with great feel and feedback. It’s been used by many professional golfers such as Tiger Woods to win major titles.

One thought on “Mizuno M Craft vs Scotty Cameron: A Complete Comparison

  • January 15, 2024 at 8:43 pm

    I had the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter and the Delmar putter with both grip change for Super Stroke. Last summer, I tried the MIzuno Blade # 01 putter for fun, which is 30* heel-toe balance. After putting with it, I bought it on spot and a week later I put for sale on marketplace, the both of my S.C. Newport 2 and the S. C. Delmar putters. I couldn’t believe how accurate and the nice feeling the deep soft feeling gave me when hitting that forged milled head putter (1025 steel forged and milled). You really feel better the distance you hit with the head of the Mizuno putter. With the S.C. you are often short to the hole or too long in comparison with the MIzuno for which you feel much better the distance you have to reach when hitting. It just doesn’t pop out fast like the S.C. head. Beside, with the purchase of a Mizuno putter, you get a set of head weights (2X3gr+ 2X8gr and 2X13gr) for you to choose your ideal SW according to green conditions and speed. Before the end of the season, blindly, I purchase without even trying the Mizuno OMOI # 6. I love it too! No regrets. Even though our golf club is close, I could practice on a golf putting map that I have at home. Besides, another thing that I like very much, is the black, 85 gr, putter grips made by Lamkin. With S.C. putter, many golfers I know have changed the original grip for a Super Stoke which fits better. A black grip doesn’t get dirty as much as the super stroke grip that has a white surface most of the time. Finally, I have opted for the silver head Mizuno for both of my putters with the black shaft. It looks classy with no fancy feminine red stone on the head like most of the S.C. putters 😉 Anyhow, I don’t think I don’t think I will ever go back to S.C. putters. Mizuno, have place themselves very high in the golf putters competitive market. In Japan, they know for centuries how to master steel toolf. Regards


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