Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2: A Complete Comparison

So you’re considering a Scotty Cameron Newport putter for your next golf club purchase. While the Newport putter is a great choice, some people are surprised to find out that there are actually several versions of this putter. The main decision is often between the Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2 versions. Although these clubs are very similar, there are a couple of key differences between these two putters that can help you make this decision.

Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2: The main differences

The main feature that differentiates these two putters is shape of the club head. The Newport putter head has curved lines with a slightly smoothed topline radius, while the Newport 2 has straighter edges with a with a flatter topline. Otherwise, the two putters are virtually identical.

Clubhead Sole Shape:

Clubhead Topline:

The features of these putters can be summed up in the following table:

Golf ClubClub Head EdgesToplineToe FlowShaft Offset
Scotty Cameron NewportRoundedCurvedModerateFull
Scotty Cameron Newport 2StraightFlat and ThinModerateFull

Which club is better overall?

Overall, we like the Newport 2 better, but by a very small margin. The Newport 2 is also the more popular of the two clubs.

The small differences in the shape of the clubhead are primarily for visual appeal. Some players prefer the curved shape of the Newport while other like the flatter shape of the Newport 2.

There are also a couple of small differences in playability. Scotty Cameron refers to the Newport 2 shape as “soft tri sole” technology. In theory, this technology allows for the clubhead to lay flush with the green more easily, so that the club toe and heel don’t interfere with the stroke. In practice, these differences are small but still noticeable.

Otherwise, these clubs play very similarly. For example, they both have a full shaft offset for great visibility when aligning a shot. Additionally, the putter’s weight distribution is almost identical, and can be further adjusted using the tungsten weights in the clubhead. Finally, they both are nicely toe balanced with a medium size sweet spot.

Players interested in a Newport model with more toe hang should check out our Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs 2.5 comparison.

Scotty Cameron putter review – full analysis

Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2
Scotty Cameron Newport vs Newport 2

Titleist is a brand of high end golf equipment well known for it’s quality and performance, and their line of Scotty Cameron putters is no exception. The Scotty Cameron model is famous for being used by Tiger Woods on the pga tour, as well as many other pros in numerous competitive golf tournaments. Whether you select the Newport or Newport 2, you are getting a very strong putter.

The Select Newport line of Scotty Cameron putters are traditional Anser blade putters. This classic style of blade putter has a good feel and great feedback when playing golf. In fact, Scotty Cameron claims that this style of putter has “the most famous putter head shape in the world, with scores of professional titles won”.

Although they have the classic shape of an Anser design, these Scotty Cameron putters are made with great attention to detail. These putters have a club face precision milled from 303 steel. The club head is expertly weighted for optimal feel, swing weight and stability. Even the neck shaft has been optimized for better visibility and alignment. This precision craftsmanship is why the Scotty Cameron is featured prominently on our list of best milled putters.

The differences between the Newport and Newport 2 allow players to select for subtle differences in the club head’s overall shape. Players can further customize their clubs if they contact Scotty’s custom shop, where almost any feature on the club can be adjusted.

In our testing, we felt that the club performed like any high end blade putter should. These putters do great with arc style swings, which is why this putter is included in our list of best toe hang putters.

While these putters are a bit traditional compared to more modern mallet and high MOI putter styles, anyone ready to spend $400 on a putter probably already knows their preferences.

Ultimately, this is a great blade putter that will work just as well on a local golf course as it will in a professional golf tournament.

Pros – why we like it

  • Beautiful design and styling. These putters look good on the golf course and feel great to hit with.
  • High quality materials and craftsmanship make for a great club that will hold up for a very long time.
  • Expertly face balanced club head for a solid, consistent shot and great speed control.
  • Players who love a traditional anser style design will appreciate this club.
  • The clubhead’s moderate toe flow is great for players who hit an arc shot.
  • The club has a fairly large sweet spot for a blade putter.

Cons – drawbacks to consider

  • Very expensive for budget conscious consumers, one of the most expensive brands out there. Scotty Cameron putters start at $400.
  • For beginners the blade style can be tougher to learn. We would recommend a mallet style putter or a high MOI putter for these players.

Our selection criteria – what we look for in a blade putter


Higher quality putters will have a strong, weighted feel to their clubhead. They will hit through the ball without much resistance on impact.

Lower quality putters will tend to feel “thin” on impact with the ball, and have poor swing control.


High quality putters should give a consistent feel and stroke throughout the golf course.

Lower quality putters may change their feel depending on external factors such as terrain, balls used, and player style.


High quality putters are usually well designed with high quality accessories such as head covers. The craftsmanship is apparent in the materials used and attention to detail.

Lower quality putters will tend to have a more generic look with mediocre materials and less attention to detail.


Higher quality putters tend to have bigger “sweet spots”, and can hit the ball regardless of where on the club it’s struck.

Lower quality putters tend to be very sensitive where they’re struck on the face, with a higher chance of mishitting.


Overall, the Scotty Cameron Newport putter is a strong choice for anyone looking to pick up a new club. Due to its soft tri sole technology, we believe that the Newport 2 slightly edges out the Newport in a head to head matchup.


What is the difference between the Scotty Cameron Newport putters?

The standard Newport putter has a curved club head while the Newport 2 has a more squared clubhead. The Newport 2.5 has a flow neck that give the club more toe hang.

Is the Newport 2 forgiving?

The Newport 2 is fairly forgiving. While blade putters such as the Newport 2 may be less forgiving than a high MOI mallet putter, these putters.

Does Scotty Cameron toe hang Newport 2?

Yes, the Newport 2 has moderate toe hand which is optimal for players with a slight arc stroke.

Which Scotty Cameron is the most forgiving?

The most forgiving Scotty Cameron putter is the Phamtom X 12. This putter’s high MOI mallet design is very forgiving on hit.

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