Mizuno M Craft vs OMOI putters

Mizuno is a Japanese golf club brand known for its quality craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. Their Mizuno M Craft fully forged putter line has some of the best premium putters available on the market. In 2022, Mizuno launched a new putter line called the Mizuno M.Craft Omoi. A comparison of the Mizuno M craft vs Omoi putters reveals a couple of key differences.

Mizuno M Craft vs Omoi putters – the main differences

Mizuno M Craft vs Omoi

Comparing the standard Mizuno M Craft putters line with the M Craft Omoi putters, we quickly notice a couple of key differences:

  • The Mizuno M Craft Omoi putters have much heavier putter heads
  • The Omoi putters have a lighter grip and lighter shaft then the base M Craft clubs
  • There are 3 versions of the Omoi putter and 6 versions of the base M Craft putter

Mizuno decided to create the Omoi model when they discovered that many of their customers were swapping out the standard head weights in their M Craft putters for much heavier ones. This heavier weight increases the MOI (moment of inertia) of the club head. The new Omoi design accomplishes three things:

  • The higher starting MOI creates a more stable swing with more consistent face rotation
  • The higher starting MOI creates a more powerful swing the easily hits through the ball
  • The lighter grip and shaft offset the heavier club head and ensure that the overall club weight remains unchanged

It’s clear from examining the putter head that most of the added weight for the Omoi comes from a heavier sole plate (the bottom of the club). This is a great feature since it adds weight without significantly altering the design of the clubs.

Who do we recommend an Omoi putter for?

Players that enjoy using a heavier club head with a higher MOI should definitely consider using the Omoi putter. While it’s true that many high end brands such as the Scotty Cameron or even the base M Craft can be made heavier with adjustable weights, the Omoi is designed from the ground up to accommodate the heavier head weight.

The Omoi putter is built with lighter grip and club shaft which keeps the putter’s overall weight the same as the base Mizuno. This shift in weight helps to exaggerate the club’s MOI without making the club feel cumbersome.

The Omoi blade putter is especially nice for players that are interested in a higher MOI design, but want to keep their blade putters instead of switching to a squareback or mallet putter.

The Omoi mallet putter is a real heavy hitter, perfect for players that appreciate high stability. This putter is especially good for seniors or high handicap players that require more guidance on their swings.

Who do we recommend a standard M Craft putter for?

The base M Craft Mizuno golf putter line has head weighting and club design comparable to most standard putters in the market. Players that already like their putting stroke and are used to the standard weighting may want to stick with the original M craft putter line. The base Mizuno putter plays very well, in fact it matches up very favorably with other premium putters such as in our Scotty Cameron vs Mizuno M Craft comparison.

Additionally, since many putters (including the Mizuno putter) come with an adjustable weight kit, you might be able to experiment with adding weight to a standard putter to see if a higher MOI is for you before diving into the Omoi line.

The M Craft also has several models that the Omoi line does not have. This includes a squareback design, wing mallet, and toe hang mallet.

Mizuno M Craft base versus Omoi Comparison Specs

To help you get an idea of the difference in specs between the base M Craft putters and the Mizuno M.Craft Omoi putters, we’ve included comparison tables below. Models with high toe hang are optimized for an exaggerated arc stroke, while face balanced models favor a “straight-back straight-forward” putter stroke.

Base Mizuno M Craft Comparison Specs

Putter ModelPutter TypeToe HangHead Weight
IBladeHigh355 g
IIBladeModerate355 g
IIIMid MalletFace Balanced355 g
IVSquarebackModerate355 g
VDeep MalletSlight355 g
VIWing MalletFace Balanced371 g

Omoi M Craft Comparison Specs

Putter ModelPutter TypeToe HangHead Weight
IBladeHigh370 g
IIBladeModerate370 g
IIIMalletFace Balanced383 g

Similarities between the M Craft and Omoi putter lines (standard features)

Despite their differences, both the M craft and Omoi putters lines have several things in common:

  • Both lines are fully forged from premium carbon steel, giving them a consistent feel and soft touch with great feedback
  • Both lines are CNC milled putters with a deep milled face that effortlessly imparts topspin onto the ball, and gives a satisfying “click” on hitting the club’s sweet spot. This great CNC milling work is why the Mizuno is included in our list of best milled putters.
  • Both clubs come in three colors: silver, black ion, and blue ion
  • Both sets have adjustable weight kits (yes you can make the Omoi putter head even heavier)
  • Both lines have a milled mallet putter and milled blade putter available


What is the difference between Type I and Type II Omoi?

The type I Omoi has greater toe hang than the type II, for an exaggerated arc stroke.

What does Mizuno Omoi mean?

Omoi means “thought” in Japanese.

How much does Mizuno M Craft head weigh?

The standard head is 355 g, while the Omoi version is 370 g.

Does Mizuno make putters?

Yes , they make the M Craft and Omoi putter lines.

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