Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 vs X 5.5

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X series has some of the best known putters in the golfing world. However, one look at their website and players may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and models available for this line of putters. Two of the most popular models for Phantom series are the Phantom X 5 and its cousin the Phantom X 5.5. A comparison of the Phantom X 5 and X 5.5 putters demonstrates a couple of key differences.

Scotty Cameron Phantom x 5 vs 5.5 – The Main Differences

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 vs X 5.5

The Scotty Cameron Phantom x 5 and Phantom X 5.5 are very similar overall. The main difference is that the standard Phantom X 5 has a full shaft offset while the Phantom X 5.5 has a 3/4 shaft offset. This gives the Phantom X 5.5 more toe hang than the standard Phantom X 5.0, which is face balanced with no toe hang.

This different offset will also give a slightly different look at address.

The comparison table below shows the specs for these two putters:

CategoryPhantom X 5Phantom X 5.5
Head TypeMalletMallet
OffsetFull Shaft3/4 Shaft
Toe HangNoneSlight
Loft3.5 degrees3.5 degrees
Life70 degrees70 degrees

Who is a Scotty Cameron Phantom x 5 best for?

The Phantom X 5 is face balanced, meaning that it works best for a straight-back straight-forward putting stroke. The face balancing is due to the Phantom X 5’s “mid bend shaft technology”, which is a single bend shaft designed to resist club face rotation during the swing.

Newer players may especially like this putting swing as it is easy to master. Players that struggle with their alignment may also like the straight-through shot. See our best face balanced putters list to see how the Phantom X series compares overall.

Who is a Scotty Cameron Phantom x 5.5 best for?

The Phantom X 5.5 has a slight amount of toe hang, which is optimal for players with a slight to mid arc stroke. The added toe hang is due to the club’s flow neck design, which only gives a 3/4 offset to the putter rather than a full offset. This flow neck design helps to promote slight toe flow.

Players that prefer an arc to their swing, or players that are used to blade putters (which tend to have higher toe hang) may prefer this putter. See our best toe hang putters list to see how the Phantom X series compares overall.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter review – full analysis

Titleist clubs have a well deserved reputation for being a premium brand. Their “no compromises” approach to quality makes them favorite clubs of many golf pros. In fact, over half of all players on the PGA tour use have at least one titlist club in their bag.

These clubs may be used by many professionals, but how accessible are they for the average player? The truth is that many players could benefit from using a club of this caliber. The Phantom x5 shows that Titlist Scotty Cameron putters are a great choice regardless of skill level.

This Scotty Cameron putter has a high MOI mid mallet putter designed specifically of a straight on putting stroke. This makes them unbelievably simple for many players to use. While this putter may be out of budget for some, players looking for a premium brand should consider adding this club to their rotation.

Scotty Cameron constantly updates its Phantom X putters with new designs and improvements, and the Phantom X 5 is no exception. This Tour-proven, near-face balanced model returns with a solid precision milled 303 stainless steel face carried through to the body and wings, integrated with an aluminum sole plate and stainless steel sole weights. The new sole plate design brings enhanced performance and alignment benefits over the previous phantom.

The Phantom X 5 is a more compact design, players that want a wing/fang backed version should have a look at the Phantom X 7, and a full analysis is available in our Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 vs X 7 comparison. Players interested

Pros – Why we like it

  • This mallet style putter has the biggest club head in the Scotty Cameron line. Combined with expertly balanced weighting and a high MOI, this club is the most forgiving putter we’ve tested so far.
  • The steel reinforced putter head resists twisting at impact, ensuring that your club face hits the ball straight on.
  • The alignment is a simple line on the club head, which is convenient yet unobtrusive when lining up your shots.
  • The “Pistolo Plus” grip, developed by Scotty Cameron in conjunction with Golf Pride, keeps your upper hand in place and provides a comfortable and soft feel.
  • While the X 5 if face balanced, the X 5.5 has slight toe hang for players that hit with a slight arc.

Cons – Drawback to consider

  • This golf club is the most expensive out of all the clubs we tested. Some golfers may want a more budget friendly golf putter.
  • The large club head and high MOI design may take some adjusting for some golfers.
  • Some players may prefer a lighter style blade putter, or an even higher MOI mallet putter. Players interested in a Scotty Cameron blade putter should see our comparison Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs Phantom X 5.

Our selection criteria – what we look for in a putter


Higher quality putters will have a strong, weighted feel to their clubhead. They will hit through the ball without much resistance on impact.

Lower quality putters will tend to feel “thin” on impact with the ball, and have poor swing control.


High quality putters should give a consistent feel and stroke throughout the golf course.

Lower quality putters may change their feel depending on external factors such as terrain, balls used, and player style.


High quality putters are usually well designed with high quality accessories such as head covers. The craftsmanship is apparent in the materials used and attention to detail.

Lower quality putters will tend to have a more generic look with mediocre materials and less attention to detail.


Higher quality putters tend to have bigger “sweet spots”, and can hit the ball regardless of where on the club it’s struck.

Lower quality putters tend to be very sensitive where they’re struck on the face, with a higher chance of mishitting.


The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 and Phantom X 5.5 are very similar putters, with the key difference being the shaft offset and the toe hang of the putter. The X 5 putter will appeal to putter with a straight-back straight-forward puttering stroke, while the X 5.5 version will appeal to players with an arc putting stroke.


What is the difference between the Phantom X 5 and X5.5?

The main difference between the Phantom X 5 and the X 5.5 is that the X 5 version is face balanced while the X 5.5 has slight toe flow.

Which Scotty Cameron is the most forgiving?

The Phantom X 12 is the largest and most forgiving putter in the Scotty Cameron lineup because it has the largest putter head and highest MOI.

Is the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 face balanced?

No the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 is not face balanced. It is toe weighted for a slight arc and enhanced toe flow.

What putter does Justin Thomas use?

Justin Tomas uses a Scotty Cameron T5 Proto Tour Only made custom for him. Scotty Cameron recently released a specialty Phantom 5.5 that mimics the specifications of his custom putter.

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